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Common Water Heater Issues: Your water heater might face various issues, ranging from minor adjustments to more significant repairs. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable handling complex issues, it’s safer to seek professional help to avoid complications. Additionally, consult your insurance agent regarding coverage, as DIY attempts might affect your claims.

Important Reminder: Ensure you know the location and functionality of your main water shutoff valve before attempting any DIY repairs.

Potential Causes of Water Heater Problems:

  • Loose Connections Leading to Leaks: Leaks often occur at loose drain valves, resulting in water drips. Check for wet connections or water damage below. Tighten the valve with a wrench, but avoid over-tightening.
  • High Pressure Induced Leaks: Excessive pressure can cause water to escape through valves, connections, or even lead to tank bursts. This might be due to overly high temperature settings, faulty pressure valves, malfunctioning thermostats, or external pressure exceeding system capacity.
  • Condensation Issues: Condensation can form and drip to the ground when warm air meets the cold surfaces of the tank, which might be mistaken for leaks.
  • Tank Damage from Sediment: Regular flushing is necessary to remove sediment that can erode and damage the tank, potentially leading to leaks or bursts.

Our Water Heater Repair Solutions: We specialize in a variety of water heaters, including Standard Gas, Power Vented Gas, and Tankless Water Heaters. Our skilled technicians can address your concerns, recommend the best option for your home, and help with proactive replacements to prevent damage and ensure peace of mind. Tanked water heaters typically require replacement every 10 years, especially if located in a finished living area.

Water Heater Installation Services: We offer comprehensive installation services, including difficult-to-access locations, and will manage the removal of your old unit. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and benefit from our experienced installation team’s solutions.

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