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Toilet Repairs and Installation

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Toilet issues may not always be evident, yet they can lead to increased costs and potential hazards. A toilet that runs continuously can spike your water bills, and even minor leaks might cause significant water damage, leading to costly repairs.

Replacement Services:

  • Comprehensive Solutions: Contact us for toilet replacements, whether due to damage or for an upgrade.
  • Upgrades Available: Opt for newer models that offer enhanced comfort, lower water usage, and easier maintenance.

Addressing Constant Running:

  • Flapper Issues: The flapper opens to flush water and should seal afterwards. A faulty seal causes continuous water drainage, leading to the tank repeatedly refilling.
  • Float Mechanism: This component stops the water flow once the tank is full. If the flapper doesn’t seal, the float mechanism keeps activating to refill the tank, causing constant running.

For any toilet repair or replacement needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure your toilet functions efficiently, saving you from unnecessary expenses and inconvenience.

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Common Leak Causes

  • Wax Seal Failure: A crucial wax seal between the toilet base and floor prevents leaks. If it fails, it may lead to water leakage and unpleasant odors after flushing.
  • Internal Cracks: Improper unclogging methods can cause small cracks within the toilet, leading to leaks.
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