Your plumbing system is a complex system that largely is hidden, and you don’t really think about it until something is wrong. The bad news is when it goes wrong, it may be hard to get to the problem area and be a costly repair just due to location, however the good news is there are usually signs of a problem before it breaks down. You can also take some precautionary task such as some routine maintenance to ensure a healthy system. One of the routine task to perform is regular drain cleaning and have a professional inspection and/or cleaning of your plumbing systems.

Why do you need a drain cleaning?

The most common reason to have your drains cleaned is to prevent clogging and buildup inside your pipes. Clogs and buildup can cause backups, damage to the pipes, and burst pipes. If your sewage line gets clogged, it could cause sewage to backup into your home, which not only is a health hazard it’s also a tough mess to clean up. The clogging could also cause a buildup of pressure which could cause some damage anywhere along your pipes which could result in leaks or bursting in areas that are difficult to reach.

When should you have a cleaning or inspection?

  • If you can’t remember the last time you had one done or ever had a cleaning done
  • If your pipes are older, have monthly cleaning and at least a professional yearly inspection
  • After heavy use such as holiday cooking and a large number of guests over
  • Before winter arrives have an inspection for damage to ensure they can handle pressure changes due to freezing
  • There are signs of clogging such as those listed below

Signs to look for that you need a cleaning:

  • Bubbling – bubbling is a sign that the pipes are clear, and air is getting stuck
  • Slow draining – If the drain is noticeably draining slower than it was, it may be partially clogged.
  • Smells – If you have a smell coming up from the drain, organic material may be stuck somewhere
  • Frequently clogging – Even if you clear a clog doesn’t mean the line is clear, you may have partially cleared the clog and frequent clogs are a sign there is a partial blockage

How do professionals clean a drain?

  • Use specialized tools to remove clogs
  • Some use industrial cleaners or acids to clear clogs
  • If the clog is too severe, open the area and clear the clog and repair the damage
  • Use video inspection to see if the line is clear of blockages

Why Hire a Professional for Drain Cleaning?

Plumbers have years of experience and specialized tools they can utilize to clear a clog without requiring creating an opening in your walls to access where the clog is and opening the pipes to access it. These tools include snaking or jetting your pipes and knowing which tool is best for the job. However, should the clog be that severe that there is no other choice but to open the piping, either they can or work with a restoration company to restore the area, so the repaired area isn’t noticeable.

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